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The personal blog of Michael Ashby

Month / April 2012

I Still Miss

I’m a big fan of Inbox Zero and I wish I didn’t have to give e-mail so much of my attention, but since I’m in charge of support for my company it’s a priority for me. That may make me a bit of an “E-Mail Monkey“, but so be it. It’s a point of pride […]

Another Plug For OpenDNS

I did a post last week entitled “I Hope This Isn’t A Trend” and in it, I mentioned how one way to protect yourself from phishing attacks was to use OpenDNS on your computer, or router. The other day I found another reason to recommend the service — malware protection. Mac Trojan Outbreak Last week, […]

Oh… Please Don’t Go In There

I’m in the process of Dumping Google and one of the steps I’ve taken is to replace Google Analytics with Mint from Shaun Inman. Brilliant analytics app from a brilliant guy. Anyway, while I was in the FTP client and looking at the file structure of the site, I couldn’t help but notice some cruft. […]

I Hope This Isn’t A Trend

Yesterday, I received the following text message on my iPhone. There’s a couple of things that give me pause here. The sender assumes I have a phone with a web browser so either they’re taking a random guess, or they know I have an iPhone The URL will probably confuse most people. I don’t have […]

Something To Look Forward To

For the past two years, I’ve been lucky enough to make it down to my home town of Baton Rouge, Louisiana for a guys weekend. The RedStick Brewmasters have their annual crawfish boil in April and it’s made for the perfect anchor to getting my buddies together and hanging out. Fresh homemade beer and all […]