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I love a good story

A Good Example Of Why I Read Martin Dugard

Mike Rohde turned me onto Martin Dugard last year when he was blogging for the Tour de France. It was one of the highlights of following “Le Tour” tour and lucky for me, Dugard found the blogging experience a positive one and decided to continue blogging on his own once the tour was complete. So for the past year or so, I’ve greatly enjoyed his blog at

The chief reason that I’ve enjoyed reading Dugard’s blog is his writing style. It’s almost effortless and yet it inspires me to push harder and do better. Granted, I haven’t put my butt in the saddle yet as a result of reading his pity prose, but it has bolstered me to do better in work and in the general sense of my day.

Last week Martin had an article that particularly inspired me. It’s entitled “Boston – Roubaix” and I encourage you to take a moment to read it — it’s a good one.


Do My Eyes Decieve Me?

I’m looking forward to seeing Apple’s iPhone is going to look like when it finally ships in June. There are days where I think I’m going to be the first one in line to try and buy one and then there’s other days where I think I’ll wait for the next version to come out.

Then the other day, I was clicking on links from the Engadget web site and a came across THIS (third image). Do my eyes deceive me, or is that a c l e a r iPhone? :O

My Response To Deb Shinder’s Article

I like Sunbelt Software and I have been a fan of their products for years. Additionally, I’ve been a reader of their blog SunbeltBLOG since it’s inception. If you’re interested in Windows security, I highly recommend adding it to your RSS reader.

That being said, I came across an article on their blog entitled “Are the Open Sourcerers Selling You a Bill of Goods?” by Deb Shinder, which frustrated me after reading it. The article irked me because it’s clear that Ms. Shinder is some what ignorant of exactly what Open Source software is, or isn’t, and yet felt compelled to write something on it. She doesn’t bash Open Source per se, but she does take issue with it, so I decided to write a response.

That response ended up taking a good bit of time to write, so as a result, I decided to post it here as well. Feel free to “read Shinder’s article then refer back to my response. Otherwise it might not make sense being out of context.

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Holly’s New Song – This Is My Day Today

I just finished submitting a song to the American Idol Songwriter competition for Holly. She and her good friend Mary wrote the song specifically for the competition in the hopes that they will be chosen as one of the songs used for the top 3 finalists. If you’re not familiar with how Idol works, when the show is down to the final three (I think it’s three) contestants in the finale, an original song is chosen for them to sing. This is the first time in the competition when original music is chosen for them to sing and not something that’s already been recorded. Continue Reading

Mac OS X Global Font Size?

The other day I was at my Mom’s house and she asked if I could take a look at her MacBook. Everything was working fine, but she found that the fonts were a little small. I went poking around and was able to enlarge the fonts in the Finder and on the Desktop, but that seemed to be the only places, other than individual applications, where I could alter the font size.

So to all my Mac gurus out there, I have a question. Is there a global font option to enlarge all fonts system wide?

In Windows there an option called “Font Size” under the Display Properties that allow you to set the font size for the entire system. Is there a similar option in Mac OS X?

You Can’t Get There From Here

I’ve had a project for the past few weeks in Downtown Nashville. The bulk of the hard work is over and I’m now in the maintenance phase of the project. Each day I arrive at 7:30am and wait for the users to arrive. Around 10:00am, I’ve done all I can do to ensure everyone is up and running and I head off to go to other client sites. This is the most routine that I’ve had in a long time, at least where I had to be somewhere at a specific time. This change in perspective has lead me to thinking more about my transit habits and how I get to and fro.

There’s always been a bit of envy when I hear about people who commute to work every day with the luxury of taking public transportation. Of course, those of you reading this who take a train/bus/metro every day are probably scoffing at my use of the word “luxury”, but for those of us who don’t commute, it does have a certain allure. Taking a daily train to work conveys to me a sense of peace and calm. Something about letting someone else drive, while you focus on something else seems rather rewarding to me. So seeing that my schedule was such that I had the opportunity to experience a daily commute into Downtown Nashville, I was excited. The thought suddenly popped into my head that I could finally scratch the itch and see if it’s all that it’s cracked up to be.

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I’m All A Twitter

There’s a new web application that making all the rounds. It’s getting a lot of hype and some even say it’s “exploded”, meaning it’s the cool app that all the hip kids are using. Well, I’m not one of those kids, but after listening to a bunch of TWIT Podcasts where they go on and on about it, I figured I had to check it out. The application is called Twitter and I have to say, there a reason it’s become so popular – it’s a lot of fun.

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My Recipe For Madeleines

I received an e-mail a few days ago from someone who wanted to know if I had found a good recipe for Madeleines. They had just read the article I wrote back in 2003 entitled “When Recipes Go Wild“, where I had recounted my mishaps in making these beloved petite cakes and how they tasted like eggs. At the end of the article I said that I was going to continue until I found a good recipe and indeed, I did find one.

Looking through my kitchen drawer I did find the recipe, but what I didn’t find was the source of recipe. My culinary skills are not to the level where I can make my own recipes from scratch. I rely heavily on recipes and I then tweak them to my tastes, or skill, whatever the case may be. After much googling and searching in my usual haunts, I can’t seem to find the recipe that I use. Granted, I have tweaked it a bit, but by no means can I lay claim to it being My Recipe — it’s just the one I use.

So all caveats and disclaimers aside, here is the recipe that I use for when I make Madeleines. I hope you like it.

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Palm, You’re Killing Me

I’ve been a huge advocate for Palm OS for over 11 years. They may not be as hip and cool as Apple’s new iPhone, but I still use one every day and still think they are a must have device for any mobile user. That being said, it’s been harder and harder to keep my chin up as Palm OS has languished over the past few years. I’ve managed to keep the faith thus far, but then this morning I come across this article on

Palm, maker of the Treo line of smartphones, is reportedly wooing potential takeover suitors. Motorola, Nokia, or a private equity firm are the frontrunners in a potential sale.

After reading that quote, my heart just fell out of my chest. I can’t take yet another change in the company. I can’t. There has been so much turmoil throughout their history and if there’s another change, I don’t think the platform can survive, much less my passion for it.

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Climbing Back Into The Saddle

It’s been over three months since my last posting, but I’m going to attempt to get back to my writing. As I indicated in the last post, things have been just crazy busy. For the last 6 months of 2006, there was at least one week a month where I was out of the office. That had a cascade effect that culminated in being behind in just about every aspect of my life.

Since the first of the year, my focus, or new years resolution if you will, has been to get caught up and after two solid months I’m finally starting to see the light of day. I’m finally starting to see the fruits of my two-month slave labor camp and I’m finally able to begin thinking about writing again.

So does this mean that I’m all caught up and life is back to “normal” again? Far from it. I’m still running to beat the band, but at least I’m past the drum line and running next to the trombones. Still will be another month until I see the flute section, but I’m still running!

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