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To Reply Or Not To Reply, That Is The Question

A friend of mine recently asked me my advice on a song he’d written. The song wasn’t great and I’ve definitely heard worse, but it just wasn’t right for the market he was after. The hard part was putting together my reply. Do I wuss out and give a vague “yeah man, cool” response, or […]

Behind The Scenes of the Nashville Gas Shortage

If you haven’t been following the news of recent, Nashville has had a gas shortage for well over a week now. I’ve been having flashbacks to the 1973 oil crisis as we’ve seen lines around the block for people trying to get gas at a station that actually had gasoline. It’s been a bit nuts […]

My God, It’s Full Of Stars

I was sitting in a cafe late this afternoon in between West End and Vanderbilt University called Bean Central. I was waiting for Holly to get off work and I was catching up on some work with my AlphaSmart Dana. I was sipping on a Bass pale ale looking out the window when I saw […]