Lucky 4 Leaf CloverLast Thursday, Holly and I woke up to find that we had no hot water. I figured that it was nothing more than the pilot light on the water heater that needed to be re-lit. Unfortunately, as I went into the garage to light it, I discovered water flowing out the top of the water heater, all over the garage floor and down the driveway into the street. This was just the beginning to a very long few days.

That day I had several client site visits to make, not to mention proposals and other deliverables due. I slammed as many of them as I could before leaving that morning, saving time by not taking a shower. I simply threw on a baseball cap and figured I’d explain my dishevelment to my clients when I saw them. I made quick work of my client visits and at the last one, I asked my client if he knew of a good plumber. Since my client runs a property management company, I figured if anyone knew of a good plumber, he would. Recommendation in hand, I was out the door and on the phone.

The person I called came highly recommended and after a quick conversation, he told me that what I would need is a new water heater. 45 minutes after my first call, someone was there at the house to take a look and see what the problem was. The problem was simple – I needed a new water heater. 2 hours and $850 dollars later and I had a new gas water heater installed and heating away. I was absolutely stunned at how fast they got it done and was quite pleased with myself for how smart I was in choosing them. 😛

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