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I love a good story

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Good To Know

A reminder that it’s totally ok to be the friend who gets a little too excited. — Ingrid Fetell Lee (@ingridfetell) January 11, 2017

When Did I Get So Smart?

A friend of mine, Tim Davies, forwarded a link to me today asking me “When did you get a Ph.D?” I had get about 5-minutes into the video, but it was worth the wait when I saw the following. It’s always funny to me when I see someone with the same name as me. I’m […]

What I Have To Offer

I came across the video “What I Have To Offer” this morning. Don’t remember how I found it because it completely stopped my morning routine, but I just had to share it. Charlie Kaufman is most known for his incredible screenplays Being John Malkovich, Adaptation (among others), and his directorial debut Synecdoche, New York. I’m […]

I’m Having A Level 42 Flashback

Syncopation = CHECK Tight Bass and Drum = CHECK 80’s Pop Influence = CHECK Justin Bieber Song = WTF?!? Ok, this cover is just all kinds of awesome. I’m having flashbacks of Swing Out Sister or Level 42 meets Return to Forever and I’m listening to a Bieber song?

“So What” – Animated Sheet Music

I can’t begin to tell you how much this video makes my day week month… well you get the idea. The following video is an animation of sheet music to Miles Davis’ “So What”, which is quite possibly my favorite song of all time. I transcribed Davis’ solo in high school and to see it […]

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – US Version

I’ve read all the books and I’ve seen all the Swedish films and when I heard that there was a US version of the movies being made I had no interest in seeing them. Then this happened… Two words. Fincher. Reznor. The subject matter in the first book is very dark and if there are […]

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