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Promo photo of the WiredIn Kickstarter campaign

Wired In

I don’t participate in a lot of Kickstarter campaigns, but when I saw the Wired In – Wireless Productivity Sign With Arduino & HomeKit I just couldn’t resist. 1) because I’ve always wanted an “On Air” sign and 2) it actually solves a problem.

So What Is It?

The guys at WiredIn have put together a project that allows you to turn on a sign to let your coworkers know when you’re focused and not to disturb you. Simple right, but do we really need a sign? In short — yes.

What Problem Does It Solve?

Although I have a private office, I work in a collaborative space at Center615 and I like to leave my door open to keep my office cool. As much as I like talking with my friends when they pass by, it can also be distracting if I’m really focused on a task. Additionally, I’m often on the phone and use a headset so it’s not always clear when I’m on the phone.

I think having this sign will really come in handy and I don’t think I’m alone. Call it a “first-world problem”, but if your goal is to stay focused then I’m sure we’ve all run into this issue and this appears to be a very elegant solution.

The Best Part Are The Nerdy Bits

The WiredIn sign will integrate with iOS and Mac so that you can control it from your computer/mobile devices, but they just announced that they will be supporting Android and Windows as well.

This may sound like a simple thing but it’s not just about turning the sign on-and-off. The idea is that you can integrate the WiredIn sign with web services like IFTTT, or your calendar, or other 3rd party applications so that it’s a more integrated too. For example, I can imagine have a calendar event for a training session and having the light come on automatically at the start of the event. So cool!

As of this post, they only have $5,000 left to reach their goal and I have no doubt that they’ll hit it. However, I’m hopeful that their funding goes well beyond that number and actually doubles to $50,000. If they do, then they’ve said that they will open up the Arduino controller. Don’t know what I’d do with that exactly, but there’s a nerd in my office that I’d love to turn loose on this thing.

Go Get Your Sign!

Even if you’re not into all the tech stuff, I think you should still support the project because the cost of the sign is so inexpensive. You can get a sign with custom text for $30 ($35 after the Early Bird special is gone). That’s a great deal by itself, but you’ll also be supporting a really cool project too.

[Header] Upgrading To Mavericks

Upgrading to Mavericks

Like most Mac users, I was very excited to upgrade to Apple’s latest version of their desktop operating system (OS), [Mavericks][1] and chose to immediately upgrade. Well, at least on my laptop. Making the move to the new OS on my production machine was not something that I took lightly, so I waited to see if there were any issues before making the move. After using it for over a month on my Macbook Air without issue, I decided to take the plunge and do a clean install today.

Since my blog has become a mental resource to remind me of things that have happened in my past, I figured I’d put together a walkthrough of the process I went through. Continue Reading

"Shoes" by Roel Schroeven

Making Shoes

There’s an old adage that I often repeat because I find it to be so very, very true – at least when it comes to me.

“The cobbler’s children have no shoes

Since the bulk of my day is spent at the office working on the web, when I get home the last thing that I have energy for is taking on another web project. It’s not that it’s hard, mind you, it’s simply that I don’t have the mental bandwidth to fire up another process. It’s for this reason that I’ve been unable to get off my duff and re-do Holly’s web site.

Continue Reading

When Did I Get So Smart?

A friend of mine, Tim Davies, forwarded a link to me today asking me “When did you get a Ph.D?” I had get about 5-minutes into the video, but it was worth the wait when I saw the following.


It’s always funny to me when I see someone with the same name as me. I’m just thankful that he’s distinguished and not a thug being arrested for something. Thanks Tim!

You can view the video at this link.

PalmTipSheet mug after it was broken

My PalmTipSheet Mug

I received the mug you see at the top of this post many, many moons ago from my dear friend Mike Rohde. It’s been a permanent feature in every office that I’ve had and I’ve had quite a few over the years. Unfortunately, while moving some equipment yesterday, this little treasure was knocked off its shelf and it broke quite epically. I was very sorry to see it go because it was a fond memory from a “previous life”.

The PalmTipSheet was an e-mail newsletter created by Mike Rohde in 1999 as a way to share information about the then new, Palm Pilot PDA. His newsletter ended in March of 2003 when he handed it off to Brian Beeler, founder and director of in Issue #40. Continue Reading

Welcome Mat

Welcome To The New Server

I’ve been playing around with MediaTemple for a few project and finally decided to move all my personal stuff over to them. I’m happy to say that all my many domains moved without a hitch and I’m really enjoying their  GRID service. On the off chance you see something broken or weird, please let me know. Thanks!

Photo Credit: welcome mat, courtesy of Joel Kramer.

standing on brick

It’s A Little Thing, But I Like It

I recently moved my office from West End to Center615 in East Nashville. We’ve only been here a couple of weeks, but I’m really enjoying the new space even though they still have a lot of projects ongoing and everyone is still settling in. I too am settling in as I learn a different commute, different parking, locations of things (like the post office), etc. Yesterday, I stumbled upon a new little habit I have, that I particulary enjoy. Continue Reading


Keyboard Fever

They say that the first step is admiting you have a problem. So be it. I have keyboard fever. Looking back, it would appear that I’ve had this addiction since my early days of computing, however, I didn’t realize just how bad my addiction to keyboards was until recently when my Apple Bluetooth Wireless keyboard suddenly stopped functioning. A few simple Google searches and I found myself deep in the weeds and realized I had bottomed out.

OK, I think I’ve worn that analogy about as thin as pancetta, but I truly do love keyboards and there is no doubt that I have recently gone off the deep end with them. Like anything I love, I always feel compelled to share it with others, hence this series of blog posts. Series? Oh yeah, ya heard me. Continue Reading

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