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I love a good story

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Good To Know

A reminder that it’s totally ok to be the friend who gets a little too excited. — Ingrid Fetell Lee (@ingridfetell) January 11, 2017

When Did I Get So Smart?

A friend of mine, Tim Davies, forwarded a link to me today asking me “When did you get a Ph.D?” I had get about 5-minutes into the video, but it was worth the wait when I saw the following. It’s always funny to me when I see someone with the same name as me. I’m […]

Not Entirely True, But Still Funny

Received this in my inbox today and the last paragraph just had me in stitches. Turns out it’s not true in it’s entirety, the thief was not seriously injured, but it’s still funny.

Why I Love Louis C.K

This is a segment of the last routine I saw by Louis C.K., I forget what the tour was called, but it’s a perfect example of just how damn funny this guy is. Source: Kung fu grippe via YouTube

Old Spice Answering Message

As I wrote in an earlier post, I find the latest Old Spice commercials a complete hoot. Seriously, if you haven’t watched them yet, please do. Thanks to Pandarr’s request on Reddit, the Old Spice Guy responded with the isolated audio to create your answering machine message. I threw it into GarageBand and played with […]

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