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MT Upgrade

Just a quick note to say that I’ve upgraded I just upgraded Movabletype, the software which I use to manage the content on this weblog. It’s not a major upgrade, but there are a few additional features and tweaks that SixApart has done, which I like a lot.

Shaking Things Up A Bit

Bartender shaking a martiniI know postings here have been a little sparse. This hasn’t been by choice, of course, it’s just a culmination of several things that have made writing somewhat difficult. Like most things in life, it’s not just one reason that causes things to break down, but a number of things that cascade together to cause the problem. I’ve thought long and hard as to why my posts have been few and far between and I think I have a plan to get things back on track.

Issue #1: Too Many Blogs
For starters, I have two other blogs that I write on, so often times I just don’t have the bandwidth to write on this one. One is at and the other is at NPUG. The blog at really deals with my activity with and isn’t really all that interesting, unless you’re a member. I’ve thought about combining it with this blog, but do you really want to read about how many points I have as an Editor for “The IT Crowd?” Yeah, I didn’t think so either. 😛

The “Director’s Log” at NPUG is going to be going away though. The idea was to have a place to talk about running a PUG, much like the blog is about being an Editor at Unfortunately, there’s so much work that goes into producing the monthly meetings and maintaining the site, that everything I want to say has already been said. There’s simply too many other areas in which I can and do have a voice that the Director’s Log is a bit redundant – so it’s going away.

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