I’ve been a huge advocate for Palm OS for over 11 years. They may not be as hip and cool as Apple’s new iPhone, but I still use one every day and still think they are a must have device for any mobile user. That being said, it’s been harder and harder to keep my chin up as Palm OS has languished over the past few years. I’ve managed to keep the faith thus far, but then this morning I come across this article on PhoneScoop.com.

Palm, maker of the Treo line of smartphones, is reportedly wooing potential takeover suitors. Motorola, Nokia, or a private equity firm are the frontrunners in a potential sale.

After reading that quote, my heart just fell out of my chest. I can’t take yet another change in the company. I can’t. There has been so much turmoil throughout their history and if there’s another change, I don’t think the platform can survive, much less my passion for it.

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