Today I became the Editor for the actor John Mese. What does that mean? Well, I now have editorial control for the content submitted for John. How did I get this title? By submitting enough content about him to earn enough points for the title. Now that you know the “what” and the “how”, you’re probably wondering the “why”, so I thought I’d give a little bit of the back story. Back in 1988, I needed an elective at LSU and I opted for an Acting 101 class. John was the instructor and I have to say, he was an excellent teacher. It was clear that he found acting exciting and he translated that into the class. It was a blast and I ended up getting an “A” and fueled by John’s love of acting, I decided to go on to the 201 class after that. Unfortunately, the 201 instructor sucked and I dropped the class. John ended up graduating from the Master of Fine Arts program, a graduate study curriculum in the Theatre Department, that year and moving to LA to pursue his career. While he was in Baton Rouge though, he was one a very cool guy to hang out with. I can’t say that we were friends really, I mean he was my instructor, but he was very approachable and fun to hang out with. I’ll never forget this party he through. He was living in an old shoe, or boot store (if memory serves) and he threw a party. I was lucky enough to be invited, so I invited a buddy of mine to go with me, since I didn’t know anyone other than John. We went and it was a blast. He played some of the worst music I’ve ever heard in my life, but it didn’t seem to matter because everyone was dancing and having a great time. I distinctly remember seeing John standing on a table howling up at the ceiling clearly enjoying his party as much as his guests. Since I’ve gone off on a tangent, I might as well go off on another. During his days at LSU, John had long hair that was all one-length. If you remember Dan Cortese when he was on MTV Sports, then I think you get the picture. He was quite proud of his hair too, which is understandable, and would pull it back into a pony tail. You’d never know that he was a Catholic High School graduate to look at him then. He was definitely NOT preppy in any way shape or form. Continue Reading