w.bloggerHere it is I have found an easy way to keep all my data in sync. The only hurdle left was to find a way to better manage my content for my weblog. BeyondCompare took care of making sure that all my data could be easily found, but I still had a bit of a climb to get the content ready for publishing. I had heard of many recommendations regarding a freeware/donation ware app called w.bloggar. Although I had played with it in the past, I really hadn’t given it a fair shake, so I decided to re-install it and really set it up this time. Movable Type, the weblog software that I use on this server, is a great tool but it is lacking in the formatting department. There’s no spellchecker, no HTML WYSIWYG editor, or any other advanced interface tool. w.Bloggar solves all that. Once setup, w.Bloggar provides you with a desktop application that fully integrates with your weblog. The biggest feature is, of course, the spell checker. Although it’s not quite as slick as the spell checker in

MS Word, it does a decent enough job to keep my spelling errors to a minimum. Before w.Bloggar, I would compose in MS Word, then copy the content to Edit+ 2 to strip out all the MS Word specific gibbersh. From there, I would copy and past the information into Movable Type were I would finish out the rest of the HTML code. With w.Bloggar, I can do it all from one application. 😀 Streamlining and integration is nice, but my favorite feature are the “Custom Tags.” Adding smiley faces and images to my posts has been something that I’ve had to do from memory and by hand. As I dug into the w.Bloggar program, I stumbled across the “Custom Tags” feature and instantly fell in love. Now I have 12 custom tags at my disposal that can easily add a little panache to my posts. Overall, w.Bloggar saves me time and makes it easier for me to post to my weblog. That in turn makes one less item on my task list that weighs me down. I’m still a little behind, but with these tools that I’ve been able to make up some ground and if my luck holds, I should be caught up in no time. 😛 If you have a weblog and you’re running under Windows on your computer, you owe it to yourself to check out w.Bloggar.