Gizmodo.comI love technology and one of my daily fixes is the weblog If you haven’t visted this web site, then you owe it to yourself to check it out. It’s updated almost everytime I go there, which is several times a day. Peter Rojas, the editorial director, is an independant journalist who writes for Salon, Wired among others and he posts approximately 10 posts a day on just about anything technological. Focusing mostly on gadgets, it’s a technophiles crack house, giving you all sorts of tasty bits to help you get your fix.

The site was started by Nick Denton who was the CEO of, among other things. He was written up in the May 2003 Wired Magazine as a nanopublisher, having launched several weblogs based on the same business model. Although Denton may be the brains behind the inital launch, the site would be nothing without Rojas. He’s the person that brings the site to life.

One last little tidbit, Manhattan User’s recently did an article on Gizmodo, by going to their offices (aka apartment) and seeing what kind of gadgets Rojas has. It’s nice to peek behind the curtain every now and again. 🙂