Handspring Treo 600There’s a new trend that’s appeared in the last six months that seems to be catching on big time and that’s having a camera in portable devices. More and more cell phones are coming equipped with built-in cameras and even pda/handhelds are now including them. As a result, more and more people are taking snapshots throughout there day. Given the popularity of weblogs, it was only a matter of time before photo weblogs began popping up.

TextAmerica has started offering free Moblogs, so creating a mobile weblog is easier than ever. The images are hosted on their server, as well as the templates and pages, but there are decent template editing tools so that you can integrate it with any web site you wish to add it too. The best part is that you don’t have to have a camera phone to use it. Simply e-mail any photo that you’d like posted to a special address and in a few minutes your photo will be added to your gallery for everyone to see. You can include text with it as well. Another nice feature is that it has it’s own RSS feed, so visitors can keep up-to-date as easy as your regular weblog.

I started one a few days ago (mashby.textamerica.com), just so I could play with this new type of weblog. The other reason it interested me is that sometimes I have a photo that doesn’t fit in the usual galleries that I use in my photo gallery and this way I can post it here. Besides, posting it is a piece of cake. The only limitation at this point is that the image must be 700k or smaller.