Dr. Dave and HollyIt seems that this week is all about BCC and Dr. Dave. 😛

On Friday night, Holly, Mom and I went to the Davis Kidd bookstore for a book signing. Dr. David Foster was signing his new book, The Power to Prevail – Turning Your Adversities into Advantages, so we decided to pop on over and grab us a copy. The place was packed, as we knew it would be, but we waited in line for about 30 minutes or so and got our signature and a little photograph.

Dr. Dave is very technologically savvy, but I was impressed that not only is his book in hardback, but he also has it published in Adobe E-Book format, Microsoft Reader format and Palm Digital Media E-book format as well! Clearly he has all the bases covered, which is pretty impressive. I just wish every author and/or publisher was this smart and would publish in e-book format when releasing a new hardcover. When they don’t they are simply missing out on sales. For example, even though we bought the hardcover, I’m going to have to purchase the Palm e-book as well. 🙂

After the book signing, we were all hungry so we decided to visit the Green Hills Grill. For appetizers, Holly and I each had a cup of the clam chowder and Mom got a cup of the Tortilla soup. Both were delicious, but I have to say that their clam chowder is the best I’ve had in Nashville and one of the best I’ve ever had. That includes my trips to the New England coast! For our main courses, Holly had the fresh Tilapia fish sandwich; Mom had the Crab Cake Florentine salad; and I had the Shrimp Penne Pasta with stuffed artichoke hearts and pine nuts. All of our dishes were excellent as usual. When the meal was over our sweet tooth got the better of us. Mom had the Creme Brulee and Holly and I split the Banana Bread Foster. It’s Banana’s Foster served over banana bread and it was a nice spin on the traditional favorite. We had to laugh though, as I proclaimed a toast to Dr. Foster with Banana Bread Foster!