Doctor talking to patientsWe took Monkey back to the vet yesterday and it’s not great news Monkey did not respond to the treatments that we were giving him over the weekend. His blood work showed that his liver was doing worse. So the next step was to leave him there at the hospital and let them take over the treatment.

They are going to insert a feed tube into his stomach so that they can feed him directly as well as put him on a fluid program. After 4-5 days after that, we should be able to take him home and continue the feeding through his tube until he starts eating on his own. This could take as long as 12 weeks or more before he decides to eat on his own. The most important thing is to get his liver to begin coming back to normal and that’s why he’s staying in the hospital.

I think the additional fluids and vitamins will make all the difference and he’ll round the corner this week. However, having to leave one of your pets at the vet is one of the worst feelings in the world and Holly isn’t taking it too well. The cloak of doom has descended and until we get word that Monkey is doing better, I don’t know if anything can lift it. The doctor saying that we had a 60% chance that he’ll recover didn’t help any. I see the 60% and Holly sees the 40%.

So, as silly as this may sound since I’m talking about a pet, please keep us in your prayers. We’re praying for a fast recovery and that he’ll be home very very soon. Thanks.

Update: We went by this morning to look in on Monkey and he’s doing great. He has an IV attached to his wrist and they’ve been giving him vitimans in addition to his fluids. He was very perky when we visited him and quite active. I took a couple of pictures and posted them in the moblog.