Siamese Cat Looking In A MirrorJust thought I’d give a quick update on the state of Monkey’s health. For those of you that haven’t been following, our cat monkey has been sick. I’m happy to report however, that he has rounded the corner and everything is looking great!

Earlier this week we took Monkey to the vet for some more blood work. The purpose of the tests were to see if the his liver levels had lowered to the point of being normal. When we admitted him to the hospital, many of his numbers were in the 1000 range, when they should have been in the 150 range. His last test showed that all of his liver levels were back to normal. Woo hoo!

The doctor even made the comment that he’s never seen a case like this turn around so fast. He didn’t know if it was the supplements (which was a new addition to the typical treatment), or the special care we gave him at home, but figured it must be a combination of both. The doctor said normally at this stage the parents are at their wits end, the cat is not eating, doing a lot of vomiting and still yellow. Monkey is none of those things and we are oh so happy that we’re not the norm.

We’ve been able to reduce his feedings to 3 times a day now. He’s eating his normal food again and everything appears to be back to normal. We have another test next week and I have a hunch that they may remove the PEG tube that is installed in his stomach. If that happens, then all the special care ends and he goes back to being a normal cat. I know he’s got to be ready to get rid of that cumberbun. 🙂

I want to thank everyone that have posted comments, sent us e-mail, and passed on words of encouragement and prayers. This was a very scary time for us and it was very reassuring to know that we had friends and family surrounding us and supporting us in our time of need. Thank you.

Update 10/28: Took Monkey to the vet this morning and they pulled his PEG tube! We have to monitor him for another week or so before we put him back “in population,” but it looks like he’s made a full recovery. 😀