Lance Armstrong with his wife Kristin and his son LucAlthough this story has appeared in a few small publications here and there, it was a complete shock to me when I heard the rumor from my wife. According to people we know that were there, it seems that Lance Armstrong is hooking up with Sheryl Crow. They were spotted together at the Country Music Awards last week and were seen being quite affectionate and kissing in their seats.

I didn’t even know that Lance and his wife Kristin were planning on getting a divorce, but after a Google search, I found this quote from Kristin Armstrong, “[our marriage problems] were brought on gradually by a number of pressures, rather than one big blow-up. We’ve been together 4 1/2 years, and we’ve had six homes, three languages, three countries, one cancer comeback, three children, four Tour de France wins and one rise to celebrity. You’re not supposed to cram such a huge amount of events into such a small period of time.”

I think it’s a real shame that they have decided to end their marriage and I’m even sorrier that he’s already hooking up with someone new. Kristin and Lance have been through a lot in their marriage, but I was hoping that they could survive it and stay together. 🙁

I guess there is one silver lining, at least for me. If Lance and Sheryl become a serious item, she just bought a house here in Nashville, so the chance of me seeing Lance riding around town are pretty good. Can you stalk someone on a bicycle? 😉