Name TagWhen I first created this weblog, I always wished that I had come up with a cool name, or slogan; however I was never successful in thinking up anything clever. I’m envious of web sites like Antipixel and NotPretty. Those names are so cool and unique. Although may be somewhat unique it doesn’t really describe anything. Well I was thinking about stuff today and maybe it’s the overwhelming amount of caffeine that I’ve had today, or the lack of sleep, but a synapse mis-fired and I may have come up with something. I’ve changed the title of the weblog to “That Reminds Me Of A Story…”

If I’m visiting with someone chances are I’m going to use that in a sentence. Someone will say something and it will remind me of something I’ve done, read, seen, or heard about. When that happens, the very next words out of my mouth will usually be “That reminds me of a story,” and I’ll then launch into some story that could be told in 2 sentences, but I’ll stretch it to 2000. I don’t limit myself to just verbal discussions as frequent readers of this weblog are no doubt intimately familiar with. Heck, I can write 2000 words on Windows Movie Maker without batting an eye!

The description was changed as well. A previous client made the comment one time, “You ask Michael what time it is and he’ll tell you how to build a watch.” I laughed the day he said it and I’m still laughing about it today. No truer words were spoken of me, so I thought it summed up the site well and fit as a site description. I may randomize the description a bit if I can come up with any more funny descriptions, but in the mean time, I like this one.

I think this new title and description fits me to a “T”. Since the launch of this weblog, I’ve been trying to “find my voice” as it were and I think I’m getting close and the new title sums it up pretty well. I’ve changed the web site to reflect the new title, but I’d like to get your two cents on it. What do you think of the name change? Keep it, or pitch it? Have you ever heard me use this saying before? Do you think it fits? If you have a better idea, please share it!