A clover leafWith St. Patrick’s Day just two days away, I thought it might be fun to replace the smileys I normally use with a set entitled Leprechauns. This icon set was made by Jason and thanks to his hard work, I’m able to easily include them on my site. Thanks Jason!
While I was updating the smileys, I noticed that there are a lot more in Jason’s set than in my default set, so I added them to my Smiley Module Template. Since there’s some new ones, I thought it might be helpful if I listed what smileys are available when you post a comment. Enjoy!

Smile = :) or :-) (Smile)
Big Grin = :D or : -D (Big Grin)
Wink = ;) or ;-) (Wink)
Tongue = :P or :-P (Tongue)
Frown = :( or :-( (Frown)
Eek! = :O or :-O (Eek)
Mad = :| or :-| (Mad)
Cool = 8) or 8-) (Cool)
Roll Eyes = %) or %-) (Roll Eyes)
Cry = :,( or :,-( (Cry)
Kiss = :x or :-x (Kiss)
Kiss = :# or :-# (Lips Sealed)
Undecided = :s or :-s (Undecided)
Laughing Out Loud = LOL (Laughing Out Loud)
Confused = ??? (Confused)