The Viper - Six Flags AmericaI’m really opening up my mind to a lot of new ideas and concepts here recently. I’m awash with new prospects and ways of thinking about things. Seeing “The Passion Of The Christ” was a large part of that, but there were things moving in my life shortly before that as well. For some reason I opened myself up to thinking parts of my life differently and because of that new energy is coming in directly related to that. I know this sounds esoteric and somewhat verbose, but my mind is still gelling on these thoughts and I haven’t formed a concrete thought process yet. So I can’t write about it in a clear concise manner. These actions and ideas are still “swirling around the bowl” as it were and I haven’t been able to flush out an easy explanation of what’s going on with me right now. I’m undergoing a change of sorts and I don’t know that I can share with anyone what the change is exactly until I’m done changing.

So right now my mind is just jumping from subject to subject and none of my thoughts this morning can really get around one concrete idea to write about. So, if you’ll permit me, I’ll just sort of do a stream of consciousness entry today and share with you everything that’s running through my mind.

One aspect of the change has to do with money and my relationship with it. I’ve begun reading Suze Orman’s book The 9 Steps To Financial Freedom. I just finished the second chapter and I can already see that this is a book that will be on my “must read” list. It deals with your fears and other issues with money, which is a topic most money books don’t really get into. Lot of self-discovery going on as a result of just reading the first two chapters.

Tumini was de-clawed yesterday and we’ll be able to pick her up tomorrow morning. We don’t know if they just removed the front claws, or the back as well. The front were the most important because she’s really been tearing into things. I feel guilty with the de-clawing, but all of our other cats are de-clawed and they will always be indoor cats. It’s traumatic though, so no matter how I justify it, I still feel guilty about it.

I got sick of fighting SuSE and trying to get Samba to work like I wanted it to, so I reformatted a server and installed Fedora Core 1 on it over the weekend. It’s not configured like I need it to be (long story), so I don’t know if this was a good move, or just a transition into a different set of problems. I’m hopefull that I can get it all ironed out.

Working out is going well. The stupid scale isn’t going any lower though. I seem to be hovering around a net loss of 15 pounds. The good news is that I went down another hole in my belt yesterday. I was wearing the largest pants I own yesterday because it went with the outfit and I had so much extra material after tightening my belt that I look like a homeless man. You know that look of someone who is wearing pants that were given, or found and were not fitted for him? The only thing I needed was a piece of rope to wear as a belt to complete the look. 😉

My hair isn’t helping combat the homeless look either. It’s been well over a month since my last cut and it shows. I had my stylist go with a longer look and at this stage of growth it’s totally out of control. I’ve been in search for a “look” for years now. I’ve been trying to find a haircut that I like that looks good on me that I can stick with for awhile. For some reason, I have this desire to quantify and define my hairstyle. It’s as if once I’ve defined my hair I can move on to other, more important things. Does that make any sense? ??? I went to SuperCuts for about a year or so and although the cuts were not good, I liked that I had a set hairstyle. I have an appointment on Thursday and I’m going to go back to a much shorter look. I know that for sure.

Looks like I’m getting a client back. It’s not that I lost them per se, it’s just that they’ve been working on a project without me and it looks as if I’m being brought in to take it over. That’s a good feeling. Nice shot of “you’re important” is always good. 🙂

I’ve been re-working the InterPUG web site for the past few weeks. My good friend Mike Rohde came up with the conceptual drawing and I’ve been trying to implement it with the HTML. As an exercise, I’ve been doing the re-work completely with CSS, instead of the usual tables. It’s been a great learning experience because it’s forcing me to use different tools that are somewhat uncomfortable at the moment. So far I’ve gotten 90% of the overall look done, but I’m working out some positioning issues on the middle section. It’s been a little frustrating, but I like the results thus far and I think this is a technique that I’m going to stick with for awhile. You can see the work in progress at this link.

I have 14 e-mail accounts right now. That seems like a lot, but it also seems easier to manage for some reason. I don’t know why. :s

This weblog feels like it’s changing a little bit. It feels like it’s getting more personal and less “presented”. Many of my entries feel more like articles. They may have a personal element, but they are still a presentation of material. I’m feeling a pull towards writing about more personal thoughts and observations. I don’t know, maybe it’s just something in my head and doesn’t translate to those of you reading these posts. Granted, this rambling mess is definitely a departure from anything I’ve done thus far, but this is an anomaly. Or is it?

My 10th anniversary is coming up in May and I have no idea what I’m going to do, or what I’m going to give to Holly. 10 seems like such a big deal that I need to do something extra special. If I had my druthers, I’d take Holly on a week’s vacation to Greece. That’s where we went on our honeymoon and I think it’d be quintessential to return to your honeymoon spot for your 10 year anniversary. I even think it’d be cool if that’s where we went every ten years. I find that somewhat reassuring as well as romantic at the same time. We don’t have the money for that lavish of a trip though, so it feels like a pipe dream. I wonder how much that would actually cost though? Certainly there can’t be any harm in at least exploring what the costs would be. Maybe I could generate enough money in the just under two months that I have to afford it. It’s at least worth finding out.

Well if I’m going to generate a truck load of money in the next two months, I better get cracking. 😛 So I’ll stop this “brain drain” for the moment and get back to work. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed your tour of the thoughts on my mind. Please check your belongings on your way out. Lost items are not the responsibility of the management. 😉