Smiles Everyone!It’s Friday and all I want to do it go outside and play. Since I can’t, I thought I’d just share some fun stuff with you to help you pass the time until you too can go home and enjoy the weekend too. 😀
Beat Box Meets Harmonica [link]
This guy has found a way to combine his love of beat box with his love of the harmonica.

Strong Bad E-mails [link]
A friend of mine turned me onto this site. Specifically the e-mails that the character Strong Bad replies to. There’s a TON of content on this site in the form of Flash/Shockwave films. There’s zero advertising, so be sure to bounce around and check out the various sections such as learning more about the characters. It’s good clean fun.

iFilm [link]
Back in the day, there was AdCritic.Com, well that wellspring of great television ads available on the web is no longer what it used to be. However, iFilm does offer a wide array of videos, including the 2004 Super Bowl Ads, as well as trailers, short films and music videos. There’s a bunch more stuff and some of it gets kinda raunchy, so word to the wise.

The Rappin’ Easter Bunny [link]
It’s almost Easter and what would a major holiday be without some form of silly holiday video? 😛

Photos From Bike NY 2003 [link]
I posted the photos from Bike NY 2003 yesterday.

The Adventures of Seinfeld & Superman [link]
I’ve saved the best for last. BMW may have been the first to introduce the long form commercial with The Hire, but Jerry Seinfeld has created the funniest. In the first of two 4 minute commercials, we get a peek into what it would be like to hang out with Superman (played by Patrick Warburton, the voice of Puddy). This one is a riot and I can’t wait for the second one to come out.

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! 🙂