TrophyWell, the little contest of “Guess What’s In My SysTray” is over. Didn’t get quite as much attention as I hoped it would, but for those that did participate, they sure gave it a good shot. Since no one guessed every item and not all items were guessed, I’ve decided to award the prize of a free Gmail account to the two people who contributed the most – Raena Armitage and Merlin. Congratulations you two!
So just what ARE the final answers you ask? Well, I guess I’ve kept you on the edge of your seat long enough, haven’t I? 😉 Without any further ado, here are the final answers:

01 = WhatPulse
02 = AveDesk (freebie)
03 = Trillian (Raena Armitage)
04 = Google Desktop (Merlin)
05 = HotSync Manager (Raena Armitage)
06 = Rainlendar
07 = WinPT (Merlin)
08 = UltraMon
09 = Palm Desktop Alarm Manager (Merlin)
10 = Windows XP Network Status (Merlin)
11 = NoIP (Merlin)
12 = StyleXP (gfox)
13 = AVG AntiVirus (Raena Armitage)
14 = Windows XP Volume Control (Raena Armitage)
15 = Picasa2 (Raena Armitage)
16 = Gmail Notifier (Merlin)

Thank you to everyone that participated!