Got Meth?Yesterday I started coming down with something. My throat was kind of sore and there seemed to be something in the middle of my chest with the added bonus of some coughing. My Mom had just gone through something similar, so I gave her a call to see what she recommended to combat it. She gave me a long list of stuff to take including NyQuil, DayQuil, Vicks VapoRub, Robitussin CF Syrup, and Mucinex.

All pretty standard stuff that you’d find it at any drugstore. So it came as a bit of a shock when Holly and I were told by the Target cashier that there was a problem. The register gave an error saying that “Customer has reached limit” and when we asked what the heck that meant, she explained that we were buying too many cold products. Too many? WTF? Well, it seems that Tennessee has a bit of a Meth problem and to order to combat it, they’re making it harder to buy cold medicine. So my recipe for getting well seems to also be popular in cooking up meth. 🙂

Lucky for me, the cashier didn’t figure us for drug dealers, so she rang up the rest of the products as a separate transaction and I was able to get my cold medicine. Today I’m camped out on the couch trying to rest up and get better, but it was weird to be in Target buying cold medicine and being targeted as a potential criminal. The REAL crime is that as I sit here trying to recover from this gunk in my chest, the only thing on TV is New World Disorder and Hugo Pool.