NPUG LogoThis month, the regular NPUG Monthly Meeting is going “On The Road.” This month’s meeting is being held at the Goodlettsville Branch Library, in Goodlettsville, TN. [Google Map] Will that be a bit of a drive for most of our members? Sure, but it’ll be a welcome relief for our members that live north of Nashville and drive down south for every other meeting. We have quite a few that drive 30+ minutes to attend each meeting, so for once in the 7+ years we’ve been having meeting, they’ll have the shortest drive. 🙂

This month’s topic is on wireless Internet, or Wi-Fi as it’s commonly called. Here in Nashville, wi-fi is popping up everywhere. From coffee shops, to bookstores, to even Krystal hamburgers, you can find a “Hotspot” and connect your laptop or Palm OS device to surf the web, or check your e-mail. This month, we will be taking a look at WiFi and how you can easily take advantage of these wonderful free access points.

We’ll look at the basics of how to connect, but we’ll also delve a little bit deeper to show our members how to connect safely and securely. Not only that, we’ll be covering how to setup your own wireless network at home too! Although this topic can be a bit technical, I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun in the process.

So, if you live close to Nashville, I hope that you will take the short drive to Goodlettsville this Saturday. As always, we’ll have tons of prizes, tons of good information and tons of fun. Don’t worry if you’re not an NPUG member, eveyone is welcome!

Hope to see you there!