it_goes_to_11.jpgYesterday I became “one of the gang” in the Apple scheme of things. I’ve always been interested with Apple’s products, but now that I’m a Mac user, my interest in all things Apple has just gone to “11”. It became crystal clear to me today just how passionate I am now for the Mac, when I eagerly refreshed two web pages every thirty seconds to see just what Steve Jobs was saying in his Keynote for the World Wide Developers Conference 2006 (WWDC2006).

It’s my understanding that Apple used to do a streaming version for those not in attendance, but they don’t do that anymore. So my only other alternative was to monitor two web sites that were updating live from the conference floor. I had Engadget’s page updating every 30 seconds (a cool feature in Opera), and I had MacRumorsLive had a built-in refresh to the page every 60 seconds. MacRumors had faster coverage, but Engadget had better a transcription as well as pictures.

The whole experience was very exciting for two reasons. 1) I wanted to see what the latest greatest offerings were going to be and 2) I wanted to make sure that Apple didn’t release something that made what I just bought 5 days ago obsolete. That’s the thing with Apple, They control both the software AND the software, so if they are eager to feature a new product, there’s nothing stopping them.

I had visions of Steve Jobs saying something to the effect of…

Today we’re excited to announce not only the new Mac Pro and XServe, but we’re also released the new MacBook 2. It’s twice the power and half the price of the MacBook that Michael Ashby bought just last weekend, but you can’t stop the steady march of progress here at Apple

Of course, thankfully, Steve didn’t make any such announcement. Although, had he actually said my name in his keynote, it would have been totally worth it. Spoken like a true fanboy eh?

Anyway, if you missed Jobs’ speech there’s no need to worry. You can view a streaming QuickTime version of it at this link. Even if you’re not into Apple’s products, or Mac OS, it’s still worth a viewing. They’re are some funny parts where they poke fun at Microsoft and the new “Time Machine” feature looks pretty slick. We’ll see if it stands up to scruitiny after Liger, err.. I mean “Leopard” is released next year.