Mike Rohde turned me onto Martin Dugard last year when he was blogging for the Tour de France. It was one of the highlights of following “Le Tour” tour and lucky for me, Dugard found the blogging experience a positive one and decided to continue blogging on his own once the tour was complete. So for the past year or so, I’ve greatly enjoyed his blog at http://www.martindugard.com/.

The chief reason that I’ve enjoyed reading Dugard’s blog is his writing style. It’s almost effortless and yet it inspires me to push harder and do better. Granted, I haven’t put my butt in the saddle yet as a result of reading his pity prose, but it has bolstered me to do better in work and in the general sense of my day.

Last week Martin had an article that particularly inspired me. It’s entitled “Boston – Roubaix” and I encourage you to take a moment to read it — it’s a good one.