I just finished submitting a song to the American Idol Songwriter competition for Holly. She and her good friend Mary wrote the song specifically for the competition in the hopes that they will be chosen as one of the songs used for the top 3 finalists. If you’re not familiar with how Idol works, when the show is down to the final three (I think it’s three) contestants in the finale, an original song is chosen for them to sing. This is the first time in the competition when original music is chosen for them to sing and not something that’s already been recorded. In the past, the songs chosen by the producers of the show but this year they are opening it up to the public and allowing anyone to submit a song. For the nominal fee of $10 you can submit a song and “Our team of A&R experts will select a shortlist of the top 20 song submissions most suitable for American Idol.” So when you listen to the song, bear in mind its intended audience. That isn’t a disclaimer, because I think it’s a great song, it’s just that Holly wrote this in the “American Idol Style” so expect a big sound, a key change and notes that can hold for applause. You gotta love it! Now if her song is chosen, you need to be prepared because there will be an onslaught from me to have you vote as many times as your fingers can press a button. Rest assured that I won’t relent until you’re left with nothing but bloody stumps — you’ve been warned. 😉 To hear the song, simply select the “Play” button from the Flash Player below: If you would prefer to download the file, you may do so using the following link:

Update: This file is missing

Oh and a couple of technical notes! The song was recorded on my MacBook using GarageBand and consists of two tracks. Nothing fancy here, just Holly belting it out like no one else can. We hope you like it and feel free to share you opinion of the song in the comments, or privately via e-mail.