I’ve been working on a large project for a client and we’re implementing the latest version of MovableType. When I first got into MT there was a thriving community around the software and it was a lot of fun, but all of that seems to have changed. MT4 was just released, so you’d think there would be a lot of activity around it, but it just seems, I don’t know — d e a d.

Many of my friends have switched their blogs to WordPress, including my good friend Rachel over at Fiat Lux and for larger installs, it would appear that Drupal is the current flavor of the month. Yet it seemed that MT still had a strong presence and large community around it.

Yet, as I drill down bugs, glitches and fixes for MT4, I have to say that things seem awfully quiet. Maybe I’m too close to it right now, but the forums seem awfully quiet to me. Anyone else find this to be true, or is it just me?