In the immortal words of Bender, “I’m back baby!” Well, mix tapes are at least. 🙂

Via a twitter message late last night, I saw that Mike Rohde had posted an 80’s mix tape. I’ve been listening to it this morning and I have to say that it rocks and I’m happy to see that the intent of the mix tape has lived on.

I think the tape imagery is a bit silly, but clearly their target market is to those of us that remember creating and sharing mix tapes. For those that find that cassettes a bit dated, like my good friend Pickles, perhaps it’s just a cool retro thing. Thinking about that for a moment makes me cringe slightly when I think that my memories have become kitsch. Wow, that’s a really special feeling.

But that’s beside the point — these mix tapes are fun and Rohde’s 80’s mix is quite a trip down memory lane. You can listen to his mix tape below, or create your own at