Today I was knuckling down to get a couple of irritating tasks done and I was struck by how easy it was to manhandle my apps to do by bidding. I grabbed and with a simple keyboard shortcut threw it to the right side of my screen and then I threw a browser window to the left side. It’s one of those moments where you suddenly focus on something that you usually take for granted and notice just how magical it is.

The software utility that allows me to work this “magic” is called SizeUp by Irradiated Software. It’s only $13 and it’s a game changer when it comes to window management. Whenever I want to move a window to a certain quadrant on my screen I simply hit Command Key + cmd + opt and an arrow key to move it where I want it.

All throughout my day, I’m able to move windows around my desktop with the greatest of ease and all without removing my hands from the keyboard. The keyboard shortcuts are programmed into my muscle memory so that I perform the actions without even thinking about it. It’s only when I’m on someone else’s machine that I’m reminded how much I love this little app.

Irradiated Software makes a similar app called Cinch for those that prefer to use their mouse over their keyboard. So wether you prefer the mouse or the keyboard, Irradiated Software has the perfect utility for managing all the windows on your desktop.