Holly and I moved to Nashville in 1998 and we’ve seen the metro area steadily grow consistently every year. According to the Tennessean back in March of this year, we’re averaging 100 new people every day. Of course I didn’t need the local newspaper to tell me that, I’ve have steadily felt the change in my daily commute.

When we moved here, it took approximately 15 minutes to get wherever you needed to go. That was my rule of thumb. Now it’s 30 if it’s on the weekend and 45-minutes to an hour if it’s during peak traffic. In addition to the added traffic, there has also been an increase in distraction with mobile phones which has impacted traffic as well.

In addition to all the increased traffic has been an increase in the number of drivers that don’t know that the left-lane is the passing lane. It’s a pet peeve of mine and Vox created a great explainer video that I had to share.