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Waterfield Rough Rider Messenger Bag

The One That Got Away

Back in 2014, Waterfield made a messenger bag called the “Rough Rider“. It was expensive, around $350, so I put off buying it. I figured I’d save a little a purchase one later. That time never came and Waterfield stopped making them and the “Maverick” took it’s place. The Maverick is a nice bag but […]

The Phone Stack

I’ve been buried with work and don’t have much of a social life at the moment, but still like the idea behind The Phone Stack. It works like this: as you arrive, each person places their phone facedown in the center of the table… As the meal goes on, you’ll hear various texts and emails […]

One Drop Too Many

Earlier this week, my iPhone 4 slipped out of my hands and fell on the sidewalk outside of a Chipotle restaurant. Unfortunately, it was one drop too many and the screen broke. As luck would have it, the screen still works and the phone is still functional, albeit hard to read through the cracks. My […]

Oh My Stars…

This really takes me back to my heydays with my lust for Palm and all things clear. And the fact that all it takes is patience and paint thinner is driving me nuts. I can’t tell you how badly I want to run to Home Depot right now.

Oh So Tempting

AT&T will charge me $499 for the new iPhone 4. If I trade in my current iPhone 3GS, it brings the price down to $310. How can I resist? Please, tell me! HOW!?!?!?

AT&T Text Support

Hopefully the text message above is an indicator that AT&T is looking to be more proactive in customer service. AT&T has been ranked lowest in customer satisfaction as far as service is concerned. However, 98% say they’d buy another iPhone on AT&T because they’re so happy with the device. I’m no huge fan of AT&T, […]

Seinfeld’s Take On Mobile Devices

There’s been a lot of chatter in my world regarding mobile devices recently, what with the new Palm Prè (and no, I’m not creating another Palm User Group) and the new iPhone 3 GS. With all the focus on specs and how-it-all-works kind of stuff, it was nice with I came across this video, where […]

Palm OS = Epic F A I L

Saw this on Brighthand today: “Orange has confirmed that the Samsung smartphone running on the Access Linux Platform, originally planned for later this year, has been cancelled… The Samsung i800 was the first and only device announced that would have run the Access Linux Platform since the operating system’s release in early 2007.” Let me […]

The Prodigal Son Returns

It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then a piece of news comes along that just rocks your world. Today my world was rocked by the announcement that Palm is acquiring Handspring. No one saw this coming and even with all the contacts that I have in the Palm OS community, I didn’t hear […]