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Tag / comedy

Siri vs Alexa

I’ve just recently stumbled upon comedian James Veitch and I am completely smitten. His ability to integrate technology bits into his performances are just spot on. If you like the video above, I recommend his TED talk This is what happens when you reply to spam email and More adventures in replying to spam.

Why I Love Louis C.K

This is a segment of the last routine I saw by Louis C.K., I forget what the tour was called, but it’s a perfect example of just how damn funny this guy is. Source: Kung fu grippe via YouTube

My New Favorite Show – “Modern Family”

A friend of mine recommended a new comedy from ABC called “Modern Family” and I think I owe him one. It’s cleverly written and VERY funny. It’s done in a hybrid classic sitcom/reality show style, kind of like “The Office”, but without the awkward moments. The actors are suppose to know the camera is there, […]