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A Funny Look At Simplicity

For the past few months, I’ve been exploring the ideas and choices around minimalism and simplicity. Some people may feel that it’s a fad and who knows, they might be right. For me personally, I’ve always found that I think better with less clutter and simplicity falls in line with my productivity methods. I plan […]

Little Bits Of Brilliance

Dan sent me a link in IM this afternoon that turned out to be quite the find. He said he was searching for the domain to see if it was available and surprised to find that it redirected to a blog entitled Ensuite at The blog is comprised of very short entries that […]

Behind The Scenes of the Nashville Gas Shortage

If you haven’t been following the news of recent, Nashville has had a gas shortage for well over a week now. I’ve been having flashbacks to the 1973 oil crisis as we’ve seen lines around the block for people trying to get gas at a station that actually had gasoline. It’s been a bit nuts […]

My New Favorite Toy

I came across this courtesy of Kayray via and it’s my new favorite toy. This site is brilliant!   Make your own at  

Yoga And My State Of Zzzzzzzzzen

ZzzzzzzYesterday I was quite adventurous and decided to ride my bicycle to the gym. 11 miles later I arrived at the Maryland Farms YMCA feeling pretty good about the ride and in high spirits that my cycling is improving. I was there to attend the 6:30 Gentle Yoga class taught by Bliss Wood. It’s a great class and Bliss is really good about giving alternative poses for those of us that are as limber as Frankenstein. She’s even beginning to push us just a little bit by giving us some more challenging asanas.

I arrived there feeling all loose and ready to tackle the class having cycled for the last hour and a half. Of course that’s not the ideal state of your “body mind” when you enter a yoga class :P, but I was still breathing a little heavy and cruising on the adrenaline of accomplishment. The class is an hour long and as the class progressed, I was feeling more and more relaxed, but still getting a good workout from all the poses. Towards the end of the class, she leads us in a bit of guided meditation. It’s one of the best parts of the class because you really feel open and relaxed and mellow. At the end of the meditation, she rings a little bell and then has us sit up as she closes the class. Continue Reading

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