ZzzzzzzYesterday I was quite adventurous and decided to ride my bicycle to the gym. 11 miles later I arrived at the Maryland Farms YMCA feeling pretty good about the ride and in high spirits that my cycling is improving. I was there to attend the 6:30 Gentle Yoga class taught by Bliss Wood. It’s a great class and Bliss is really good about giving alternative poses for those of us that are as limber as Frankenstein. She’s even beginning to push us just a little bit by giving us some more challenging asanas.

I arrived there feeling all loose and ready to tackle the class having cycled for the last hour and a half. Of course that’s not the ideal state of your “body mind” when you enter a yoga class :P, but I was still breathing a little heavy and cruising on the adrenaline of accomplishment. The class is an hour long and as the class progressed, I was feeling more and more relaxed, but still getting a good workout from all the poses. Towards the end of the class, she leads us in a bit of guided meditation. It’s one of the best parts of the class because you really feel open and relaxed and mellow. At the end of the meditation, she rings a little bell and then has us sit up as she closes the class.

As soon as the bell rang, I moved into a sitting position and brought my focus back to the room and to the instructor. I was feeling great, but oh so mellow and calm. That’s when my state of peace was gently bumped by a few giggles. My wife was having a hard time not giggling as she looked in my direction. I gave her a questioning look, but it was time to close the class, so my focus was turned back to Bliss Wood.

Once the class was over I was politely informed by those around me that during the meditation phase I zonked out and began snoring quite prominently. :O I quickly asked Holly if it was my “bad snoring,” the kind that can rattle the rafters, and she gave this knowing look of “oh no, it wasn’t THAT bad.” As we all rolled up our mats and put back on our shoes, everyone in the class confirmed what I had done by joining in the giggling. There’s little you can do in situations like this, so I just had to laugh along. It was rather funny and I just had to shake my head in embarrassment and giggle. 🙂 Here everyone was in a relaxed state, meditating while gentle music played in the background and I’m at the front of the class sawing logs! LOL

Later that evening, Holly and I got to laughing again as we tried to go to sleep. Lying in bed we just kept laughing at how silly it all was. I tried to down play just how loud the snoring was, but Holly was quick to interject “Baby, you got to remember – the back wall heard you.”