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Henry Rollins Band – “Liar”

Last night my wife and I were watching the latest episode of Hot Ones – Henry Rollins Channels His Anger at Spicy Wings and Holly was struck at how engaging Henry was. She couldn’t remember where she knew him from which sent us down the YouTube rabbit hole. We watched a bunch of Black Flag […]

What I Have To Offer

I came across the video “What I Have To Offer” this morning. Don’t remember how I found it because it completely stopped my morning routine, but I just had to share it. Charlie Kaufman is most known for his incredible screenplays Being John Malkovich, Adaptation (among others), and his directorial debut Synecdoche, New York. I’m […]

I’m Having A Level 42 Flashback

Syncopation = CHECK Tight Bass and Drum = CHECK 80’s Pop Influence = CHECK Justin Bieber Song = WTF?!? Ok, this cover is just all kinds of awesome. I’m having flashbacks of Swing Out Sister or Level 42 meets Return to Forever and I’m listening to a Bieber song?

“So What” – Animated Sheet Music

I can’t begin to tell you how much this video makes my day week month… well you get the idea. The following video is an animation of sheet music to Miles Davis’ “So What”, which is quite possibly my favorite song of all time. I transcribed Davis’ solo in high school and to see it […]

I Love This Freak-er

This is a fantastic example of adding personality to a Kickstarker project. I may have no real interest in the product, but I had to contribute just because I love their marketing style. Brilliant.

Why I Love Louis C.K

This is a segment of the last routine I saw by Louis C.K., I forget what the tour was called, but it’s a perfect example of just how damn funny this guy is. Source: Kung fu grippe via YouTube

How To Import A Movie Into Keynote

I had a client ask me to walk them through how to import a movie into Apple’s Keynote presentation software. I took the opportunity to use ScreenFlow and play with the new features, like text overlays. I encourage you to open the video in a new window and then the pop up to see it […]

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