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The personal blog of Michael Ashby

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Codecademy – This Is Just What I Need

I have been wanting to learn JavaScript for some time now. Currently, I’m up to my ears on an HTML5/CSS3 project and there isn’t a lot of bandwidth to figure out what book I should buy to get started, much less have the time to read. Then today I came across a link from SwissMiss […]

Microblogging – Conversation or Shouting Match?

I’ve been using Twitter for about a year now and more recently If you haven’t heard of either of these services, not to worry, because they are relatively new. If I had to give them a label, I’d call them tools for micro-blogging. If that sounds completely weird and foreign to you, then I […]

The Reality Of Internet Explorer

I absolutely despise Internet Explorer. It is a complete turd of a program in every conceivable manner. It’s insecure, it doesn’t follow web standards when displaying web pages, it’s integrated into the OS so if it crashes it brings down your entire computer, and the list goes on and on and on, but I won’t […]