ZzzzzzzYesterday I was quite adventurous and decided to ride my bicycle to the gym. 11 miles later I arrived at the Maryland Farms YMCA feeling pretty good about the ride and in high spirits that my cycling is improving. I was there to attend the 6:30 Gentle Yoga class taught by Bliss Wood. It’s a great class and Bliss is really good about giving alternative poses for those of us that are as limber as Frankenstein. She’s even beginning to push us just a little bit by giving us some more challenging asanas.

I arrived there feeling all loose and ready to tackle the class having cycled for the last hour and a half. Of course that’s not the ideal state of your “body mind” when you enter a yoga class :P, but I was still breathing a little heavy and cruising on the adrenaline of accomplishment. The class is an hour long and as the class progressed, I was feeling more and more relaxed, but still getting a good workout from all the poses. Towards the end of the class, she leads us in a bit of guided meditation. It’s one of the best parts of the class because you really feel open and relaxed and mellow. At the end of the meditation, she rings a little bell and then has us sit up as she closes the class. Continue Reading