With my legs and ass killing me after two days of riding, I still woke at 6am, donned my cycling shoes and rode to Starbucks. With Dan still in town, we agreed to meet there for breakfast to go over a few things. I noticed some very small improvements in my climbing and overall performance, which was encouraging; however I am far from competent. I don’t know how far I cycled because I don’t have a cycle computer, so I’ll have to drive it to find out.

Overall, it was an excellent ride. It was cold and a bit rainy when I started out, but I love the slop so that was only encouraging me. Dan didn’t ride again today which gave me a bit of bravado with the fact that I was on my 3rd day in a row and Dan had chickened out two days in a row. 😀

I’m going to take at least a day off though, my legs feel like they have to sides of beef nailed to them and my legs are near atrophy. I don’t want to injure myself and lose all that I’ve accomplished thus far.