Image From WebcamAfter browsing some of the other weblogs out there, such as Leo Leporte’s Leoville and Chris Pirillos’ C:PIRILLO.EXE, I decided to add a section called WebCam (discontinued). There you will find my webcam as well as my desktop cam, so you can see what is running on my desktop. It’s a bit voyeuristic and a may be a little too Osborne-ish, but I figured I’d give it a shot for the time being and see how it goes. I hope you like it. :s

Update: I found a way to show you what music I’m currently listening to. I have a lot more planned for this feature, but for now you’ll find this in the “Now Playing” section listed in the navigation bar on your right. For fellow webloggers who would like to know how I did it, Matthew A. Haughey has an excellent article on the subject on his weblog.