MaximusRecently, I’ve seen a bunch of infomercials and even received plenty of spam on the subject of ‘boosting the male libido.’ I’m sorry, but I just don’t get it. Since when do men need a bigger libido? If I took something like that I’m afraid Holly would make me sleep outside. 🙂

There’s a product called Maximus that I’ve seen advertised on TV in an infomercial. According to their web site, this is an herbal supplement, which also means that it’s not regulated by the FDA. I looked at some of the ingredients: Muira Pauma Stem 4:1 Extract, Stinging Nettles Standardized Extracts, Avena Sativa are just a few of the “active ingredients.” My favorite part is one of their warnings, “If you experience any discomfort reduce dosage.” Ok, so let me get this straight, I’m taking a pill to make me horny and if I feel discomfort just reduce the dosage? Oh that sounds like a wicked cocktail if I ever heard one (pun intended).

Who is taking this junk? I can understand why some guys would find a growth hormone appealing, or some other snake oil promising some other enhancement, but libido? I guess I should be reassured that the company selling it is called Alpine Cosmecuticals. That’s a name you can stand behind. I’m just glad that I don’t run a company like Maximus Management Services. 😛