New StuffEven with the ‘Male Obsession Bug‘ running rampant in my system, I did make time to post a few new things around the site. In the books section, I have a review of The Sterling Huck Letters by Sterling Huck and a review of Trading Spaces Behind the Scenes by Meredith Books. In the movies section, I have reviewed City Of Ghosts, Magnolia and Double Jeopardy and last but not least, I have half of the photos from my recent trip to New York in the photo gallery.

Oh, and speaking of movies, I’m locked and loaded for The Matrix Reloaded. Thanks to Fandango, I’ve already purchased two tickets for the 7:00pm show on May 15th (opening night) at the Regal Green Hills 16! 😀 EDIT: The movies and books sections were integrated into the main weblog, so they can now be found in the category archive (08/15/2003)