An angry lookI’m sorry, I just have to get this off my chest. Can someone explain to me why a validator trys to validate links in your code as well? It just makes no sense! I don’t have any control over other peoples URLs, if they use a weird character such as an ‘&’ all hell breaks loose and the page isn’t valid. As long as the tag is formatted correctly, I don’t see why the validators have to check the content of the tag as well. How am I supposed to fix it!?!?

The only solution that I’ve been able to find is to edit the URL and use ‘&’ instead of ‘&’. If the URL is just too brutal, the the only other option is to use php to hide the freakin’ URLs. If the page is viewed by the validator, then hide this content, if it’s viewed by anyone else then show it. How stupid is that? But what other choice do I have? It just really gets under my skin and makes absolutley no sense to me. I know I’m not the only one that is frustrated by this, so I just had to share it. After having to go almost entry by entry and hide certain URLs is a major PITA (Pain In The Ass) and I just couldn’t contain it any longer. 😐