BloGTKHolly is the choir director for the youth choir at St. Edwards Catholic Church and they had their first performance yesterday at 5:30pm mass. She had 21 kids, which is her largest group yet, and they sang a modified version of Alan Jackson’s hit Little Bitty. It was absolutely adorable and the entire congregation loved it. Holly has kids from Pre-K to 5th grade, so there’s a wide range of ages, but all the kids are just precious and Holly does a fantastic job.
I don’t know what it is, but Holly works so well with kids. Maybe it’s the fact that Holly still has some of that innocence that most of us have lost as we’ve grown older. Or maybe it’s that tender heart of hers. Whatever it is, I haven’t found anyone that can manage and teach such a big group of chaos. I don’t care how well behaved your child is, you get 21 kids in a room to rehearse music and you’ve got a big job on your hands. Holly makes it look easy, even though I know that it’s not.

Before the start of the school season, Holly did a little song at many of the masses to help recruit new kids for the choir. She sang at the start of each mass, so we ended up staying for all the masses that day, joining in with the choirs to sing. At the 10:30am service, a friend of ours Deb made the comment, “Holly Needs Her Own TV Show. She’d be a hell of a lot better than ‘Tahra Time‘.” Tahra Time is a local show produced here in Nashville, but it’s broadcast nationwide via PBS. It’s not a bad show per se, but it’s a little hippy and kinda corny. IMNSHO, I think Holly could put together a much better program. Not that I’m biased or anything. 😛