My Ticket To Matrix Revolutions In IMAXSome people may not like the fact that they are older when they have a birthday, but when you receive 3 tickets to The Matrix Reloaded at the local IMAX theatre for the opening night, it’s hard not to like your birthday! Of course I don’t mind getting older, so birthdays are always fun, but this one was extra sweet.

In addition to the tickets to the The Matrix, I also received the The Matrix Reloaded DVD as well as some great clothes, cigars, money and a gift card to Barnes & Noble (which I desperately needed). Although all the clothes that I received are great, one of the standouts was a T-Shirt that Holly got me. It’s a special Tour de France official 100th anniversary T-Shirt. It’s very, very cool.

In addition to all the great presents from everyone, there were also many feasts and treats. For starters, the night before my birthday, Holly and Mom took me to go see Lost In Translation. A fantastic movie that I can’t say enough about. After the movie, I was treated to dinner at Houstons. Diet or not, there was no way that anyone was going to keep me away from the prime rib. No one makes it better than Houston’s and that night they even topped themselves. The cut was huge and the taste was out of this world.

The next morning, I had the rest of the prime rib I couldn’t eat from the night before for breakfast. Nothing like prime rib and eggs while you watch The Shawshank Redemption in your kilt. Ahhhh, what a life. ;-) That night, Holly and Mom took me to Sandy’s Downtown Grille for a very fancy dinner followed by Ghosts And Gore tour of Franklin on foot. It was a lot of fun walking the quaint streets of Franklin and hearing scary stories.

All in all my birthday turned into a weekend long bash. Little did I know on Friday what was in store, but I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thank you everyone for making my birthday so special. 🙂