The Matrix Revolutions Movie PosterIt’s hard to believe, but the third installment of The Matrix trilogy is almost upon us. It seems like just yesterday I was just frothing at the mouth to see The Matrix Reloaded and to be quite honest I thought my excitement for the final chapter to be somewhat waning. Of course that’s before I saw the Ultra Theatrical Trailer.

The Wachowski brothers never cease to amaze me. When the maximum quicktime preview that you can normally see is 640 x 480, they go and realease a better than DVD quality 1024 x 532 102MB file. Although I had seen the other three television trailers, I was totally unprepared for this ultra theatrial trailer. I’m not lying when I say this, after I watched it… I wept.

I may be the target demographic for these movies and simply acting out a pavolvian response, but I think Andy and Larry are cinematic geniuses. Regardless if you are a fan of their movies or not, they have done more to alter the future of visual arts than any other directors in history. Forget the fact that there hasn’t been an action scene in a movie that hasn’t been influenced by The Matrix, it seems that almost everything has been touched in some way. From advertising to eyeware, to even windsurfing. So I know that it can’t just be me that these movies resonate with can I?

In watching the trailer, it was the perfect bait to reset the hook. I’m now just as crazy about seeing the third as I was to see the first. Yet this time, I get to see this one in IMAX format the night of it’s premier! How cool is that? So with green code pumping through my veins once more, I downloaded the cool screensaver, scoured The Matrix web site and even watch the spoof A Glitch In The Matrix. At one point, I had to go back to the source and watch all the previews again. Here’s a picture of my desktop in all it’s glory. Warning it’s over 1MB in size.

So now I’m all dressed up with no where to go. The itch has started and I have to wait till November 5th, a little more than 30 days away, before I can scratch it. Am I the only one itching, or do I have compatriots sharing my affliction?