Mornings are still rough. I’m waking up earlier, but not near the time I need to if I’m going to get in a 20 mile ride. I got out the door about 7:30am this morning and figured I’d go the 20 mile loop and bail at the 15 mile point if it looked like time wouldn’t allow me to make the full 20.

It was pretty cold and misty this morning. Normally after the first five miles it’s time to ditch the jacket, but today I kept it on for the whole ride. There was a light mist in the air and coupled with the 35 degree weather, it was noticeably cooler than it’s been in the past. Is it going to be this cold on the trip?

I went longer between resting points this ride. I also made the climbs easier as well. The one thing that didn’t go quite as well is the route itself. Burkitt is pretty busy on a Friday morning and there was a lot of traffic. Not that I mind traffic, but no one likes a two lane road with zero shoulder and a lot of vehicular traffic. I wouldn’t say it was excessive, but it was plenty to keep me on my toes.

When I got to the 15 mile turn it was clear that there was no way I was going to make the 20 mile loop that I had hoped to do, so I turned on Old Hickory and headed home. The nappy eared dog that chased me last time on this road was no where to be found, which I was thankful for.

Once back home, my first order of business was a nice hot shower to warm my bones. Oh man was that nice. 🙂

Distance: 16.04
Ride Time: 1:31
Avg Speed: 10.59
Max Speed: 35.3