Woo HooToday is the day. The day that I’ve been pining for months to come. Today is the launch of The Matrix Revolutions. I was given three tickets to the premier in IMAX format on my birthday and they’ve been locked away until today. I can’t wait!

From what I understand, the movie is being released simultaneously around the world and has been released in regular and IMAX format at the same time. These are two things that have never been done before in the history of cinema. IMHO The Matrix has now eclipsed Star Wars in terms of it’s impact on cinema. I think it occurred prior to this launch, but Revolutions seals the deal.
When I went to go see The Matrix Reloaded I was expecting long lines and got there extra early only to find out that there were so many showings that there was no need. However, since I’m going to the IMAX release, I think I’ll need to get there extra early to make sure I have a good seat. NPUG is having an informal mini-meeting this month at the IMAX release, so perhaps I’ll have some help in reserving my place in line. 🙂

I went to go see Mystic River on Saturday and saw the trailer and I can’t tell you how hard it was not to scream out “F’in A Baby!!!” after the trailer ended. I was mouthing the all the words while it was playing like that girl in the Diet Coke commercial. I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl and as hooked as a crack addict. I need my fix – I need an exit! 😛