My allergies were out of control yesterday. I must have sneezed a thousand times and my eyes burned all day. By the end of the day I felt like I was beginning to come down with something. I think it was due to all the post nasal drip, but it was hard to tell at the time. Holly wasn’t feeling all that well either and so we went to bed at a decent hour in the hopes that sleep would make us both feel better.

I woke up at 6:30am and took a shower and dressed. I felt more like myself, so I put on some walking clothes. It was still early, so I worked on a web site I’m trying to finish for a little while until it was time to wake up Holly. I meant to wake her up at 7:30am, but I lost track of time, so it was 7:50am before I tip toed into the bedroom to gently wake her.

At first, she woke up and smiled because she was all toasty warm in the bed surrounded by all the cats (the like it when I get out of the bed). Then she saw what I was wearing and that smile quickly disappeared. I wasn’t greeted with the wrath of the day before, but Holly wasn’t happy I was waking her up to go walk either.

Ten minutes later were out the door and walking down the street. We didn’t have as much time as yesterday so we walked up and down just a couple of streets. To help boost the time we did have, we walked at a faster pace. Gracie seemed to appreciate it. We did have one very nice surprise on this walk – we saw a flock of turkeys. There’s a family of turkeys that come around every now and then. I’ve taken some pictures of them, but I’ve never been able to get close. As we walked down our street, we got within 30 yards of them before they ran off. We didn’t even see them until the flurry of feathers alerted us that something was up, but it gave us enough time to make us glad we were up walking at that hour.

It wasn’t raining, but it was definitely misty. Holly pointed that out, but she didn’t complain, or say that she wasn’t going to walk, which was a pleasant surprise. It was also colder than the day before and I was actually the one who did a wee bit of complaining. I’m going to have to put on gloves tomorrow.

As we made the steep climb back up our street, Holly asked if we were going to walk everyday. She reminded me that every workout plan has days where you rest, but I insisted that this could hardly be considered a true workout. We were only walking through the neighborhood and we weren’t even breaking a sweat. She insisted that this was cardio because of the hill and I’d agreed to think about it.

In all honesty, I don’t know what the full workout plan is. My initial goal is just to get in the habit of moving our bodies in the morning. A daily walk should be just that – daily. I’d also like to add an evening walk just after dinner, but we’ll tackle that a little bit later on.