Palm OS User Council LogoI’m a member of the Palm OS User Council and we’ve recently launched a new survey called the 2004 Handheld Users Survey. The purpose of the survey is to help the consumer electronics industry produce improved mobile devices, which better fit our lives. The answers you give in the survey will be provided (anonymously) to various handheld makers, so they can create better products, for us, their customers and users.

The PUC was founded in 2002 and is officially sanctioned and supported by PalmSource. The Palm OS User Council is composed of a diverse group of people from the User Community. Members have been invited to participate in this volunteer organization based on their involvement and leadership in the User Community, their constantly evolving technical expertise, and their proven dedication and enthusiasm in helping their fellow users.

If you currently use, or have ever used a PDA, be sure to take the survey. It’s fast, free and totally anonymous. Speak you mind because you will be heard. 🙂